perjantai 26. tammikuuta 2018


Moi, all! I have bought new laptop from second hand. I was writing a post for it, but it's not that big deal. I could write more about relationship with Linux. By the Windows 10, now I'm using Elementary Os, which one most beauties Linux Os's.  We should go to our main topic of day. I'm active user of Facebook Second Hand groups. There is easy find really stuff for example clothes, electronics even food. These clothes I found at Wednesday and I picked them at next day. Here we go!  These are including products from Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste, Let's pictures tell them stories. BTW, all these clothes was totally 6  €!!

perjantai 12. tammikuuta 2018


Moi, all! First, I wanna warn you. This blog will including politic contest. I'm bit frustrated to few thinks. No, it's not my salary. It's actually too small, but it's something, which I can change. I can influence to it. I'm frustrated to unemployed peoples. I know, peoples have sad stories and these affect also to me. It's not our destiny to lay down and cry. Heads up and lets walk to next a strategy. Well, now I let myself to cool down. I'm going to get my clothes from laundry room. Btw, this not reason to be waken up this night. I feel rested . Let's continue soon.

I'm back and I'm still bit frustrated. Finnish government have make changes and these are called to "aktivisuusmalli". It's mean you need to do something to get money from government. That's sounds wrong? You do something and you get something. Unemployed persons get money. It's not wrong, if need to do something. I know, it's sad if you need to leave your home-side to get dreams for reality. Someone could be fired out or even got any job after graduating. You want to stay in your home town and find your job from there. It's good. You don't giving up, even there is zero job open. Always is something available, but luckily I can understand everyone can't do anything.

I have chosen second option. I have moved 100 km to another town to get opportunities for studies and jobs. It's worth it. I need to move, if I wanna better jobs for my life. These opportunities are far-far way. It's take 4 hour from my current city. It's not that big deal, I have already start to applying.

I'm satisfied to my current situation. I'm graduating soon, I have job, I have friends. I have also great dance places and couches.  I also got new responsibility to do. No, they are not paying, but I do it for my love. Dance. I can get challenges and I'm to take them. I'm not laying and crying.

I could get works from home-side also, if I wanna stay there. I moved to take something else. I got it, I'm looking to my next challenges.

"How about fired family with big house, big loan, small town." They are just looking reason for laying down and cry. Your next step is to falling emptiness. You can start your own business, you can move. If you are scaring to loose money with house, Keep and pay it away. You may need to live tighter, but it's worth it!

-Yeah, I know, I'm too young to realize reality. It's suck.-

perjantai 5. tammikuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm the evil. Europe have their black history and you, me know it. I make nazi tarts. Shame me, so delicious, so evil! It's time to update of January. What this year will give for us? Just set down and wait....wait...wait... OR TAKE IT! I would like to say rape it.

Everybody want to be more healthier, shaped and to be perfect. I'm not focus to previous matters. I hope small hope to finish my thesis. I'm waiting my supervisor comments right now. My hope is leading myself to graduating.

With love from Finland
Next step is more zero-waste. My cultural basement is really good, so I'm hitting to problems. I'm not big user of cosmetic. My challenges is zero bought cosmetic at year 2018. My wastes is small, but I can affect to it. I'm going to finish storages and after it to make DIY. It's may not really easy.

I started my vegan journey one year ago and I have used more than ever single packed food or factory processed products. My next challenge is to cook more food from fresh products as less waste as possible.

Turku have exited me from year 2013 and every visit there make want to more. I'm not sure, but I want to feel more. Going to next advance. I have permanent work place right now, but I'm not sure of it. Well, let's finish the school first and the to next journey.

Let's see you at next time!