tiistai 20. helmikuuta 2018

WINTER DAY 2018 #2

Moi, all! This whether is going to make my mind to fresh again. I have sometime days, when I wanna move to bigger city. But these days testify my real nature, the Countryside boy. This is the moment to drink something hot like a  buckthorn mulled wine.  The translation for this word is weird. So, i needed to google it and yeah this drink is from Scandinavia. I have only saw eggnog at the movies. I'm recommending mulled wine more.

The most coldest days of this winter is going on!!

Let's explore this wonderland!

lauantai 17. helmikuuta 2018


Moi, all! We are going to bake today. I know, we love chocolate. Well, this brownie is deep and delicious. Original recipe is founded from allrecipes.com, check it out this website!


4 dl Flours
2 dl Sugar
1,5 dl Cocoa powder
1 Teaspoon baking powder
1 Teaspoon salt
2 dl Water
2 dl Vegetable oil
and Fresh mint.


1. You should preheat you oven to 175 celcius degree.

2.  First mix together all dry ingredients. I used raw cocoa powder, which give more depth to flavors

3. Insert oil and water. Mix all ingredients to uniform dough. After all, mix raspberries and mint to your mixture.

4. Bake in your oven about 30 minutes

5. Decorate your brownies with fresh mint and enjoy!

tiistai 13. helmikuuta 2018


Moi, all! My friend gave vote for new camera, but in this situation this one is good. I have lot of to learn with this one and I can be better later, right? When, new top models is with second hand price. It's really feel like to waste buy new one, when second hand is feeling like same. I should suggest to buy this one to myself :D This is my first challenge and I'm going to win it.

New cosmetic, nothing.

I have bought lot of single packaged food. It's really challenge and I have also took small victories from the battles against waste.

Next is time for small steps, like a penguin. My steps will look funnies. Almost falling.  Anyway, it's going on.

Anyway, this year have started smoothly and live is setting down. Thesis is looking great and I'm waiting my couches comments. Dance is fun.

I have new banner. I loved my old one. I was naked there, but sadly quality wasn't good. So, what y like about new one? My blog have been always small and I should give more time for writing. Recently,  I have had only pictures and monthly updates. It's happening every year, spring is time for upgrading After of a one month everything is normal. Just nah!

Let's go to epic:

Series of the month is Riverdale
Song of the month is Casey Abrams- Hit the road Jack

See you soon!

lauantai 10. helmikuuta 2018

WINTER DAY 2018 #1

Moi, all! It's have been really busy week. First, I felt really good to wash dishes and washing clothes. I have been found my place and my routine. I can be happy with small things. Life's good. Thesis is going on with small, small steps. Let's make it ready.

I got Nikon D 3000 camera to my use. Actually, it's my friends, but he let me taste it. I need to really practice to use it.  I would like to buy some camera for myself later. Let's have few picture for you.

torstai 1. helmikuuta 2018


Moi, all! I have visited at Oulu recently. City is called to Uleåborg at finnish-swedish. Actually, I never see much of city at dance journeys. Anyway, this small part open is opening mind also. I'm not writing more today. Let' continue with pictures. Just mention, vegan "kebab meat" pizza.