lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm interest of the trends sometime and what is going on behind of these. I'm chilling a Saturday at my home. I'm also sheep. I use alcohol and the Netflix too. Every peoples around of me have affected to my personnel behavior.  I use alcohol, because everybody around of my age are using it. I'm watching the Netflix, becoz it's affecting to me from all-where. That's why I'm also the sheep.  Now I'm not innocent to throw the first stone.  Let's talk more the sheep.

We have version of a Holland tv- reality show called to De beste zangers van Nederland. The eight season started at last evening. Finnish name of this TV- Reality is Vain elämää. There is seven artists and one week. Every day one artist is the "star" and all of the other artist will present of an song from the daily star. 

We know every show's is handwritten and an artist really can't affect much to a presentation. I watched one present of a song and it seems so fake. This style of music and the song didn't fit for this person. It's seem this year theme is latin. Come on! Latin's is so year 2017. Sorry, I forgotten, we are living at Finland and all of the trends come here late at least an year later. The daily star of yesterday was Danny, who had over 50 year career. I really understand, because the style is perfect for the granny's. 

Well, at the all production of the format is really succeed. Everybody is so grazy for it. The best part is coming now... The same company, who present the TV-reality is also owner of the new papers and radio- channels. Yeah, that's why you cant' avoid it totally. Yeah, I can change the tune, but in the my workplace sadly I can'c choose tune, not every time.

Let me know, your opinion about this reality!

lauantai 21. huhtikuuta 2018


 Moi, all! These photos is from last trip to my backyard. Yeah, I'm living middle of the forest. I have published few pictures in my last post. Check it out too! I'm telling there more of plans for my future.

Let's feel that spirit of the spring!

torstai 19. huhtikuuta 2018


Bridge to somewhere new
Moi, all! I just decided to start second journey with Zero Waste journey. I'm too late to apply an English master- degree studies in this year. So, I'm starting to push up myself for next year. I can't effect to the current studies grades and second critical point is a skills use of my languages. I'm aware, I can study also for Finnish, but English is more naturally languages for  the Master - degree. Applying is having few main consist parts and these are a language, a previously degree, a motivation and  the previous work experience.  I need to want that really and main challenge is to learn to use English fluently. Especially articles is a critical point for my formal layout.  First idea to study is digital marketing and corporate communication or second option is banking and international finance. I have to confess. This is first time on my life, when I'm really wanting something.

I have tools to train the skills better. These are to begin from listen the podcast and  change as much as possible to English from my everyday life... Now, I'm continuing to write text after a few days.

My thesis supervisor gave me permission to present my thesis in the seminar. I'm getting it to ready really soon and I'm so so happy. It's also last final end for my five year period. End of my student life.  I have lived five years in Kuopio and I have really enjoyed to be here. This city have been super awesome. That's why, it's so hard to move away. I just feel like to be strangled here. Anw, I can get experiences by living here. These morning, when I have woken up next of guys.

The begin of something new and beauty
Everybody know that what finnish peoples is loving. We love to be naked (sauna), eat salmiakki and we are drinking lot of coffee. There was one missing part until this day. I bought coffee. First time in my life, I have coffee in my home. This changes began at last weekend  gave so much for me.

How have been you spring began, leave a comment!

sunnuntai 15. huhtikuuta 2018


View from Jyväskylä's observatorio tower
Moi, all! It's really relaxing and easy to visit in your neighbor town. Finland have so many lovely small cities. I gone to Jyväskylä at Friday evening and I gone back at last night. I'm really lucky to have these moments with a great weather and the good company. It would be nice to share these moments with a special person, but it's great also to have friends.

I have been thinking much recently. I have been really worried to find a new job, but I realized there is an other option. I can continue my studies to master- degree. I'm currently finishing bachelor degree and the professional orientation is business administration. I know every school is trying to have unique environment for students. University campus in Jyväskylä is located just around of the lake. I need to think it twice. At least, I want to move out from Kuopio. This really should be focus and target. Nothing not happen, if I don't really want it.

I'm still addicted to netflix, but I'm not listing any monthly favorite series. It's not worth of it. I should just to stop spent my money for it.

Food of the month: Orange

Song of the month:  Tuure Kilpeläinen - Rakkaudella On Nälkä
This song is story about How hungry the love is. How you need action to keep it on.

lauantai 7. huhtikuuta 2018


Moi, all! I had Lumia 950 one year ago and it's have been published 2,5 year ago. So, today we are going to look out, how it work today! Recycling and Re-using is part of Zero Waste lifestyle and mobiles, computers and every technology is developing so fast. Or are this the truth? Actually many phone models have just small updates and old top models may be better in everyday use than new cheap stars. End of this topic we'll compare Lumia 950 specs to one new phone. So, it's worth it to read this to the end. I'm using Iphone SE right now in my now at every day life.  I have been thinking to change it back to Lumia.

Can't stop to use Lumia?

Lumia phones are using Windows Phone OS and Windows is also going to cut support from W10 models. My Lumia 950 is carrying Windows 10 system and it's supported, but how long?Windows phones have just few users and this the biggest reason, why many software developer don't make new softwares to W10. For example you can't have Snapchat in your Lumia phones. If you have Lumia with W10, don't worry there is enough apps to use.

Non-official Softwares?!

Good, yeah? Taken with Lumia 950
Lumia phones have their fans and there is niche for small developers. You have possibilities to use many program via unsupported non-offical software. These are like any else apps; mostly free, can be upgraded with money.  After I started to use Iphone, I realized, Why I need all of these apps. Phone is just small machine to taking it outside. It's have camera, but actually I don't need Tinder in every places. I need to say. It's bit embarrassing, when I'm swiping during at coffee break. My colleagues have saw from my faces, whose turn me on. (BTW, Lumia 950 is also having tinder). Well, it's can't  destroy my reputation anymore.

LUMIA 950 vs. Huawei 10 Mate 10 lite

We are comparing my Lumia against Huawei Mate 10 lite. You need to hardly look to find Lumia 950 to buy, but it's in same price with Mate 10 lite, 250-300 €.  Please, notice all of the specs are from GMSARENA.COM -website. Let's go!

The main different is in memory. All new phones have more memory and technology is going on with step by step. Iris scanner is bit low in Lumia 950, but the whole phone is  still super fast in every day use! You have all what you need in Lumia 950. If you need more memory, you can use your free One-drive to expand it. You should also save just the best moments. All unimportant and all other documents is digital waste. You are leaving this waste behind of you. This waste is taking space from servers and making you want bigger numbers to you mobile phone. Remember, you can live bit simpler.

Lumia 950 have excellent camera with good adjustment settings. I would like to use it again. Just because of that camera. 

If you find this phone with good price, I'm highly recommending to buy it. It's don't have IOS or Android, but it's really beat new cheap phones. Hehe, We are not going to mention the original price have been 600 €, don't we?

Flightback is series, which present old technology. The same machines, which are in your closet. You may think, these are low, ugly or you only have wanted the newest model. Today we are waking them back to alive and testing how "old days stars" working in year 2018. Please, notice we are not going back to 90's or even 80's. We look just few year behind of and trying to realize, how much we have technology-waste is in our homes. "Waste" may be usable and we have only dumped it.