sunnuntai 15. huhtikuuta 2018


View from Jyväskylä's observatorio tower
Moi, all! It's really relaxing and easy to visit in your neighbor town. Finland have so many lovely small cities. I gone to Jyväskylä at Friday evening and I gone back at last night. I'm really lucky to have these moments with a great weather and the good company. It would be nice to share these moments with a special person, but it's great also to have friends.

I have been thinking much recently. I have been really worried to find a new job, but I realized there is an other option. I can continue my studies to master- degree. I'm currently finishing bachelor degree and the professional orientation is business administration. I know every school is trying to have unique environment for students. University campus in Jyväskylä is located just around of the lake. I need to think it twice. At least, I want to move out from Kuopio. This really should be focus and target. Nothing not happen, if I don't really want it.

I'm still addicted to netflix, but I'm not listing any monthly favorite series. It's not worth of it. I should just to stop spent my money for it.

Food of the month: Orange

Song of the month:  Tuure Kilpeläinen - Rakkaudella On Nälkä
This song is story about How hungry the love is. How you need action to keep it on.

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