lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm interest of the trends sometime and what is going on behind of these. I'm chilling a Saturday at my home. I'm also sheep. I use alcohol and the Netflix too. Every peoples around of me have affected to my personnel behavior.  I use alcohol, because everybody around of my age are using it. I'm watching the Netflix, becoz it's affecting to me from all-where. That's why I'm also the sheep.  Now I'm not innocent to throw the first stone.  Let's talk more the sheep.

We have version of a Holland tv- reality show called to De beste zangers van Nederland. The eight season started at last evening. Finnish name of this TV- Reality is Vain elämää. There is seven artists and one week. Every day one artist is the "star" and all of the other artist will present of an song from the daily star. 

We know every show's is handwritten and an artist really can't affect much to a presentation. I watched one present of a song and it seems so fake. This style of music and the song didn't fit for this person. It's seem this year theme is latin. Come on! Latin's is so year 2017. Sorry, I forgotten, we are living at Finland and all of the trends come here late at least an year later. The daily star of yesterday was Danny, who had over 50 year career. I really understand, because the style is perfect for the granny's. 

Well, at the all production of the format is really succeed. Everybody is so grazy for it. The best part is coming now... The same company, who present the TV-reality is also owner of the new papers and radio- channels. Yeah, that's why you cant' avoid it totally. Yeah, I can change the tune, but in the my workplace sadly I can'c choose tune, not every time.

Let me know, your opinion about this reality!

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