torstai 19. huhtikuuta 2018


Bridge to somewhere new
Moi, all! I just decided to start second journey with Zero Waste journey. I'm too late to apply an English master- degree studies in this year. So, I'm starting to push up myself for next year. I can't effect to the current studies grades and second critical point is a skills use of my languages. I'm aware, I can study also for Finnish, but English is more naturally languages for  the Master - degree. Applying is having few main consist parts and these are a language, a previously degree, a motivation and  the previous work experience.  I need to want that really and main challenge is to learn to use English fluently. Especially articles is a critical point for my formal layout.  First idea to study is digital marketing and corporate communication or second option is banking and international finance. I have to confess. This is first time on my life, when I'm really wanting something.

I have tools to train the skills better. These are to begin from listen the podcast and  change as much as possible to English from my everyday life... Now, I'm continuing to write text after a few days.

My thesis supervisor gave me permission to present my thesis in the seminar. I'm getting it to ready really soon and I'm so so happy. It's also last final end for my five year period. End of my student life.  I have lived five years in Kuopio and I have really enjoyed to be here. This city have been super awesome. That's why, it's so hard to move away. I just feel like to be strangled here. Anw, I can get experiences by living here. These morning, when I have woken up next of guys.

The begin of something new and beauty
Everybody know that what finnish peoples is loving. We love to be naked (sauna), eat salmiakki and we are drinking lot of coffee. There was one missing part until this day. I bought coffee. First time in my life, I have coffee in my home. This changes began at last weekend  gave so much for me.

How have been you spring began, leave a comment!

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