perjantai 18. toukokuuta 2018


Lunch just next of my office
Moi, all! Summer is feeling better day by day. I still feeling bit negative to life in my current city. My city is really awesome and I should make a list to realize it. We are Finnish and it's too easy to find only a negative side. It's getting too late to write a summer bucket list, but let's do it! First time, I need it to realize, what to do. I have done few of these already.

1. Swim

2. Go to run and do the body weight exercises. Mornings are so beauty and relaxing during the summer time.

Morning coffee at the beach
3. Go to explore world. I have already planned to go Riga and Tampere. I'm in the buss to Tampere too right now. It would be nice to visit also at Turku and my home side.

4. Bike. My target is to bike the "Vehmerin lenkki". It's about 100 km is going around the lake of Kallavesi.

5. Get new flat. I need to move out at least in next autumn.

6. A night at outside. Sleeping and campwire.

7. Have an ice-cream for lunch.

8.  Go to have a breakfast and lunch at the beach and park.

9. No Netflix. Focus to real thinks. It's okey to be bored for me.

Please, let's explore this awesome world!

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