torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! Where is all of the fun here?! We have been writing lot of about how world is dying or what we should do to? Live is fun. Every moment can't be, but it's just the reality. I just read an old posts from last year and I have been so lost. I have written too much outside of the topic. 

I went to for a glass today. I realized a fun think. Cider or beer without alcohol is tasting so awesome. I can take that one, when I like to have something. I don't like so much taste of sodas. My friend already asked from "Do y sick"?, well there is lot of more than the drink. My mind is adapting to something different and I'm getting 
more comfortable with other peoples.

How about the university, well I'm still open for the option and I found an another interesting degree. Inter cultural communication, may be really, really interesting.

I'm going to eat. See you, guys later!

maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi, all!

How have your week began? I have a quite busy day, but it's just the Monday.  I arrived back to my home yesterday and I had a nice moment while of scrolling the phone notices. Yes, I had a weekend without a phone. I had time to explore miracle of nature. Time to watch, how to flies is making baby flies. I don't know, when last time I had time like that. Just for chill and enjoy. Well, I didn't had a cellphone, when I was child. I was busy with another thinks then.

My weekend without the phone began at Friday and ended at Sunday. I only forgotten my charger to my home. I wasn't pissed of. It was fine, because I knew there is nothing. It was possible to ask help from neighbors, but that was fine. Midsummer was rainy, windy and sunshine. All the thinks during of one weekend.

- Silence, nature, mindfulness --- It's a path to simple life at journey of the Zero Waste--

tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I visited at Tampere last weekend and I had a camera with me. This city looks to really unique. I don't have seen any city like this one at Finland. So, I had a nice outside day and photo-shooting. I danced mostly at the weekend and it's a really good way to get "nice mood".  I had also my fourth private lesson. I took it from the French guy ,Thibault, at this time. I need to crush for my breakfast and repair my lunch soon. Today I woken up at 5:30 am. My first day, I really like test all of the new thinks like vegan, zerowaste and now that. Well, I'm not fully completed with the first thinks, but these have make me feeling to so much better.

Let's look out the photos!

sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi all! I’m in the train again. This week have been really grazy and bussy. I have a new person to train in my workplace. This is my first time and it’s hard to say what to do, because everything so obviously for me. Weeks like this is the worst challenge for my lifestyle. I’m only thinking, I’m too busy. this is just a lie. Repairing, less tapping of my phone will release time for cooking.

Focusing to the moment and meditation is going to be my theme at next months. I'm continuing writing at the home after my trip. I had only mini keyboard with me and I hadn't a mood for writing.  I watched the new version of The beauty and best movie during my hometrip. This movie is really shoving for us, how less material staff we are needing.

My touch to my promises was losing, because I bought some production, which are necessary for daily use like deodorant and toothpaste. I have used my DIY deodorant and I'm going to make bit more of it.

I have also unsubscribed many e-letters and deleted unused apps. Let's see how it work at the all.

It's too late, let's go to sleep!

sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2018


 Moi, all! I think three part for one weekend travel is okey? This is second time when I'm having a journey posts. Please, go to read the last one.

Today, we had really chill morning with long tea and sandwiches. Sun was really taking care of us today. It's was so smooth walk to Aura- river and take a waterbuss to have a cruise. Unfortunately, every fun will end  and we didn't had enough time to go explore the Ruissalo

They was digging a parking area under of Turku marketplace. Otherway, it was a nice see-sight for the lunch.

Now, I'm already way back to the Kuopio.  We are continuing our journey from Jyväskylä's station soon.

Oh, damn my hug beasts, Let's see you soon!


Moi, all! Actually I'm already on way to my home and I had a really awesome weekend at Turku. We took a citybike, the Föli, yesterday and I biked to Naantali with my friend. This place is really nice and sunny village just 15 km from Turku's center. Travelling nearby of home country is ecofriendly and I really like it. It's the best way to chill time with friends without much crush to see us much as possible.

The president of Finland also arrived to Naantali to their summer house. Well, we was there many hours before of them. Btw, we took just fast look to the Moomin's world, but we didn't went to inside.

The church of Naantali from two different sides.  I will post more pictures from my trip later.


perjantai 8. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! It's a payday and I got my "vacation moneys" too, so I have some extra. I twitched back to the Lumia yesterday and I forget to transfer my train tickets to the new phone. I got my old ones back to  email, so VR had really fast customer service. Well, I already paid one new ticket, but at the all happy end.

I have new colleague in my workplace. The last one who, couched me so well just left today. Someway it's sad, but it's also my change to take more responsibility. I still have my Forbes subscription and I have pretty well time to read some pages. My limited time subscription will expire at next november

I have insprited to RAW-photographing and it's have lot of oppurtunies to create awesome.  I'm going to write some updates during of the weekend, so welcome to my journey!

sunnuntai 3. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi all! We have skipped update of the may. Well, it's not that bad mistake. Last weeks,  I have focused to find a mindfulness. I have started to mediate and trying to take time inside of my work days. I have had many lunches outside of my office. Time without Netflix have been boring sometimes. But I think its really good, because sometimes I skipped a ten minutes of the series. I have did it just to see a finally chapter. I just want to knew did Mr hero and the princess having a sensitive moment (sex).

Someones like me chooses to walk by the water
I also just got my degree. One part of my life is over. I'm not a student anymore. I can have an another suck thinks. I don't know, what these really should be, but I will at least later or sooner. This summer is including lot of travelling. I have already booked tickets to Tampere and Turku. I'm glad to be in these wonderful cities again. Actually, I was planning to make a Tampere- day post, but I din't. Next time, I should to do it. I need to also visit at my home-side once or twice. I have been planning to see a cousin and my parents sometime.

I don't have much more to tell you at this time, but wish a great summer for you. Next days is going to be bit colder and vet.