torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! Where is all of the fun here?! We have been writing lot of about how world is dying or what we should do to? Live is fun. Every moment can't be, but it's just the reality. I just read an old posts from last year and I have been so lost. I have written too much outside of the topic. 

I went to for a glass today. I realized a fun think. Cider or beer without alcohol is tasting so awesome. I can take that one, when I like to have something. I don't like so much taste of sodas. My friend already asked from "Do y sick"?, well there is lot of more than the drink. My mind is adapting to something different and I'm getting 
more comfortable with other peoples.

How about the university, well I'm still open for the option and I found an another interesting degree. Inter cultural communication, may be really, really interesting.

I'm going to eat. See you, guys later!

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