lauantai 30. kesäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I found a new beach at the lake side today. It's was bit hard to find and the area, where it's located is brand new. Well, not even builded yet. This beach is well created anyway.  Exactly location is here.

City have builded a great sand area and it's still bit floppy. Especially under of a water at the cross, where water go bit deeper.

The beach is deepens sharply, so you should be scarefull with your kids.


There isn't any special services at the beach. Beach have locker cubicles, shelter (not- possibles for open fire yet) and some kind fitness equipment's.  Beach also have a kayaking pier. That is great addition to Kuopio kayaking routes! The nearest grocery locating about 1,5 km from the beach.

Location is very nice and easy to go, after of finding it. We need to wait until an area is ready for better signs.

I'm definitily going to back there at an another day!

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