sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2018


 Moi, all! I think three part for one weekend travel is okey? This is second time when I'm having a journey posts. Please, go to read the last one.

Today, we had really chill morning with long tea and sandwiches. Sun was really taking care of us today. It's was so smooth walk to Aura- river and take a waterbuss to have a cruise. Unfortunately, every fun will end  and we didn't had enough time to go explore the Ruissalo

They was digging a parking area under of Turku marketplace. Otherway, it was a nice see-sight for the lunch.

Now, I'm already way back to the Kuopio.  We are continuing our journey from Jyväskylä's station soon.

Oh, damn my hug beasts, Let's see you soon!

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