lauantai 28. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm totally addicted to citybikes. I took a bike for a day at Helsinki too. I really loved it. It's saved lot of time during of transporting. Other transporting is really good options at Helsinki, but biking. Well, It's simple. I love it, when it's good weather. When is bad weather, I may hate it but still loving it. Confusing yeah?? I also found a old-new jacket for biking. It's not 100% perfect, but I it's cheaper with helping the mother earth. I also bought some cosmetic product. I'm not going to take panic with it. I have good quality and responsibility product at least.

I'm heading back to my home town. First picture is from tunnel, well statue, view from my hostel room and 3 picture from Helsinki Cathedral in different view. Tell your favorite picture at comments ;)

perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm at hostel in Helsinki and I'm getting feel to very relaxed. I had first dormitory experiment at may and now this are feeling to more natural. I have some opportunities for chatting and getting closer with other peoples. I was thinking to go a public Sauna today, but there was just too many peoples. So, I skipped it. I had really nice time at the beach, Hietsu. I had my second time to swimming at a sea today. The first time was at Turku yesterday. So, mad to have these thinks. Helsinki is heaven to go dates and hooking up. It may only nice to visit here. Luckily, I'm just getting just 24 at this year. That meaning lot of year for exploring for me. Btw, only bier and art is from Helsinki. Other pictures is shooted at Turku.

See you guys and garls soon!

tiistai 24. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! Summer have been crazy. We have so hot day's and I like it. It's best go to beach after a work day. I'm at the train heading to Turku right now. It's nice to be there again. I'm going to have some free days and I'll head to Helsinki after this town. Before that, let's have some pic from my home-side.

See you guys soon !

lauantai 7. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! The best think at summer is nights. Nights gave you so much and many thinks to do. Then is so lightly and peaceful time. Actually day time is similar for me. I'm mostly spending my time at home at weekends. I only get idea to get drunken, but isn't that fun alone.

My path at Kuopio from year 2013
I have been promoted at my work place and is freezing my plans of the university at least for one year. It's not stop to developing of my skills. I found a nice online course for photographing. I still don't have enough  patience to focus one thing. Few hours per week isn't bad lose to upgrade professional  skills. I need to find a way to focus for living at moment and really work for my future.

I'm still looking out for solution to study at open university, which studies are open for anyone. There is only one problem, because I wont to study in my current town at my future. I have been life for five year here and I would like test something new. I hope new flat cool down my feelings. I have basically everything what I need. I have a workplace, dance and even some friends. Nothing not enough. It's not bad only. It's keep us alive and going on with our live.

I'm looking for new apartment now, because I still life at student flat. I'm hopeful for finding something bit better or even much better. My workplace is located at city center, which make it to easier.

See you guys and garls soon again!

keskiviikko 4. heinäkuuta 2018


Victor and his demons are leading you to the sacred place. There no one can't hear you. Skeletons just clicking their bones and a scream is echoing in the gray air. Moonlight is bright somewhere, but not here. Ghost, loses life's, a haunted cry.

Moi, all!

 I went to bike and shoot pictures today. I found a creepy place, a grassy pet sematery. This may lead me to very dark path, to loses hours with 80's rock music. 

It's very sad how haunted and forgotten the place is. Only few graves is taken care. It's true, pets don't live so long, but we aren't just for our-self. Animals have a soul and every life is worth of respect. I'm not going to write about Africa and resolution today. It's a small remind "Pets not a good, which you can throw away."