keskiviikko 4. heinäkuuta 2018


Victor and his demons are leading you to the sacred place. There no one can't hear you. Skeletons just clicking their bones and a scream is echoing in the gray air. Moonlight is bright somewhere, but not here. Ghost, loses life's, a haunted cry.

Moi, all!

 I went to bike and shoot pictures today. I found a creepy place, a grassy pet sematery. This may lead me to very dark path, to loses hours with 80's rock music. 

It's very sad how haunted and forgotten the place is. Only few graves is taken care. It's true, pets don't live so long, but we aren't just for our-self. Animals have a soul and every life is worth of respect. I'm not going to write about Africa and resolution today. It's a small remind "Pets not a good, which you can throw away."


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