perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm at hostel in Helsinki and I'm getting feel to very relaxed. I had first dormitory experiment at may and now this are feeling to more natural. I have some opportunities for chatting and getting closer with other peoples. I was thinking to go a public Sauna today, but there was just too many peoples. So, I skipped it. I had really nice time at the beach, Hietsu. I had my second time to swimming at a sea today. The first time was at Turku yesterday. So, mad to have these thinks. Helsinki is heaven to go dates and hooking up. It may only nice to visit here. Luckily, I'm just getting just 24 at this year. That meaning lot of year for exploring for me. Btw, only bier and art is from Helsinki. Other pictures is shooted at Turku.

See you guys and garls soon!

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