lauantai 7. heinäkuuta 2018


Moi, all! The best think at summer is nights. Nights gave you so much and many thinks to do. Then is so lightly and peaceful time. Actually day time is similar for me. I'm mostly spending my time at home at weekends. I only get idea to get drunken, but isn't that fun alone.

My path at Kuopio from year 2013
I have been promoted at my work place and is freezing my plans of the university at least for one year. It's not stop to developing of my skills. I found a nice online course for photographing. I still don't have enough  patience to focus one thing. Few hours per week isn't bad lose to upgrade professional  skills. I need to find a way to focus for living at moment and really work for my future.

I'm still looking out for solution to study at open university, which studies are open for anyone. There is only one problem, because I wont to study in my current town at my future. I have been life for five year here and I would like test something new. I hope new flat cool down my feelings. I have basically everything what I need. I have a workplace, dance and even some friends. Nothing not enough. It's not bad only. It's keep us alive and going on with our live.

I'm looking for new apartment now, because I still life at student flat. I'm hopeful for finding something bit better or even much better. My workplace is located at city center, which make it to easier.

See you guys and garls soon again!

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