lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2018


Moi, all! I'm writing of a very, very personnel topic. I don't have written anything like that here. It's hard to be serious. But that's the raw true, we need to look to the our personality sometimes. We need to learn open our-self and trust to peoples. This is really hard for me.  I have messed my business with few nice guys and so what! Well, these are all of the possibles guys in this town. This is quite hard. This is the main reason, why young guys move to Helsinki. Of course, it's always possible to find a prince of the dreams from a swamp.

I have been thinking that all of the last year. I have been dating guys from another city. This may help for a while, but it's not the real solution.

I really love this city.  Finally, I really have time. I have been lazy student, but I din't knew what my heart desire the most. When I was a student, my life was like a surviving.  Now I have a workplace, even the salary isn't the best, SO WHAT. Somehow I enjoy to work there. I can leave the jobmode to my workplace. I have tried to say it for myself. I have everything few friends, hobby and the workplace. I wanna feel like a living, not like a living at a blur. That's why, I would like to go study for a master degree. I don't have been thought that for a months now, but it's not a bad choose.

I have also got to more open for my sexuality. It's not matter, which turn you on. I have always wanted to be neutral with it. I have found a new side of myself. I got idea, it's okey to date guys without sex. It's feel weird sometimes, but it's also relaxing. I can talk with peoples, whose have same problems, than me and it's clearing my mind. It's have making me to enjoy at my home town. I don't need to crush to find myself or for other peoples.

The most important is to find a peace inside of yourself and to make comfortable to life with it. 

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