tiistai 16. lokakuuta 2018


Moi, all! We are going to speak about something different today. We may not even think it, Does it matter? Well, let's go!

All material, which can really be touched is belonging to ZeroWaste- culture. That is the most common illusion. We have forgotten digital properties. Yes, we decrease our email lists and maybe even some apps. Movies and series have come to one of the biggest part of throw-away society. It's began from a hard-drive saving at our homes to the streaming services.

... We are watching movies faster and faster nowadays. We are almost forgotten at the end, which was happen at the first 10 minutes of the movie. These are the movies, which we are not going to watch again. I watched a good movie many times, when I had the DVD's. It's not matter anymore. I have more movies than ever and it's harder, harder to find a movie to watch every day. It's just a way to waste time at the all. Of-course, it's possible to choose a document or a good movie, but nah, that is just too hard.  I need to find a movie at every day. That is the worst point of that reality.

How about the pirate movies? 

We aren't spending money to a nonlegal staff, but money is not a cross-line between the property and something? All what we have from free sample's to a movie may be unnecessary. This isn't mean, we have to give all away.

The simpler life and a knowledge is very important part of Zero Waste for me. That's a one reason, why I wont to be a Vegan anymore. It's make me to stress too much. I still eat beans and all of the fancy food. We are living without an idea, what we are doing or we have too much stress from our choices. It's not like a hippie's, if we have the responsibility of our chooses. I'm trying to eat with more responsibility and how to decrease waste is the hardest point. I don't need to claim myself from a mistake. I know, I'm making bad chooses and you are going to see some of these here. Trying to connect the most important point to be vegan and ZeroWasting is so hard. I'm so happy to have baby step in my journey. All the information from digital sources is confusing. I left all of the FB- Groups about veganism or zerowasting. I'm feeling better with my chooses now. I realized too much of information is just too much information to throw away.

Peace of mind 

After I decreased to using of apps and email list, I have had more time. I have had more time to think and to do thinks. The time is about 11 pm right now and normally I'm already at the bed with Netflix.  I did it today, but I realized; cook and finish this post finally.

Come on! You can do it, you will do it!

keskiviikko 3. lokakuuta 2018


Moi, all! This text is a flashback to the last summer. I wasn’t barely slept for two night. I was having this magical day at Helsinki after the Riga Summer Swing 2018. Well, guys don't tell to my mom, I had a night at the airport. I din't book a  hostel room, because I had dates. Well, we had a good time, but after that I was too late to have a room.

I got a great idea to go back to the airport. Well, I didn't had to sleep outside at least, even i din't slept much. I told at an another post about the Sauna. Well I went there to spent some time. Even these ideas doesn't sound so good, it gave new experiences for me. 

I had a strange moment in the public sauna. Sauna is a place where your whole soul is naked with your body. I’m really shy to show my identify for strangers. The strange moment haven't any connection to my soul. I din’t acted right too, because I had the swimming shorts. I wasn’t sure are is an unisex sauna or not. So, it was security played. 

There was five person in sauna at the moment. One guy was older Finnish men, second guy, his friend was younger, but older than me, Finnish too, third and fourth was foreigners. I’m not sure, how they was dressed up at the moment, but they was totally naked later at least. I was the fifth guy. Of-course with my swimming shorts. 

Older Finnish man dropped lot of water to the hot stones and he had a tiny laugh after foreigners was suffering. The black one of them took that water bucket and drop little amount of water to the heater. He showed OK with his hand and said yes. What a lovely gesture to show your thought. The way to do it with example. Well, older man dropped lot of water, again, and he had the tiny laugh with his friend, again. Well, done. I was like me normally. I had my spot in a corner and I stayed there. I was there until all of them left the Sauna.

I went back to the Sauna after swimming. I dropped my shorts down at this time.

Why we are doing like that? Do we wanna test foreigners or show who is the boss? We aren't to think this today. Sauna culture is developing, but it seems there is a holy point. Be, stay naked, keep feeling comfort with it. Don't judge other's, don't get them feel un-comfort.  There is no more rules for Sauna.