sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2019


The beauties part of Zero Waste lifestyle is innocence. You are happy with what you have. It's also important to know all what you can have. This is first point while of making the choices.

There is few examples from my real life. I'm "a country boy".  I have got many, many new thinks and experiences. Part by part you are getting dumper.

Every kids are going to school in Finland. We are also having an opportunity to review our new friends beforehand. We are drinking milk in Finland. Oh, well We do it. It's more nation power than the Finlandia- Vodka. I was really confused in a new environment and teacher gave me a glass. She said here is the milk. It's wasn't milk for me. It was cold, without taste. Actually the glass was a opposite than milk in farms. Well, I don't know, when I got to know a secret. The milk from farm is going to the shops. Peoples are like zombies with it. What a surprise, I still hate milk.

We have a game in Finland. Well, I'm pretty sure it's having a different name nowadays... The name is "WHO AFRAID THE BLACK MEN". There is always one person per time, who is trying to catch someone else to be the Black Men. I din't know then real meaning of the black men. I din't have heard of them at the worst point. Big Bad (Black) Pete was only "black men", who I know then.

----- Peoples with the extreme chooses, will helps ordinary peoples to decrease their consumption to a sustainable level----

I'm not anymore at Tampere. This blog have been really difficult for me. It's have been time for growing at last year. I have seen the world and how *** much peoples are there. I can't imagine it here. We have plastic bags in store at Finland, Germans doesn't have. This also shows me, how well I life here. I don't need to cry for an another option. If I really want it, I can take it. 

I will add some photos from last year. There are the moments. No, I forgotten to
film the moment at the airport or when I almost fall asleep at a park. I don't need your comment. Just, Let's have little bättre year 2019!

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