perjantai 8. helmikuuta 2019


Moi, all! Linux have been part of my life for few years. I have been written thesis thought of it. I have just spent hours with it like today. I tried to use Fedora years, year ago. I have been loyal for Linux Mint at the all. I have had Ubuntu in an old laptop and barely have even used it. The current laptop is having an Elementary OS (JUNO) and a Linux Mint. Elementary is having a different outfit. It's just the outfit. It's not make my laptop to look like a Macbook. So, what. It's may be Linuxbook?!

I do not own copyrights :p
Linux is not the easiest to use and the main reason is a marginal amount of the users. If we could have more peoples, we could have more apps. Right, money rules all. I think linux is quite popular in Finland and feels about a finnish product at the begin. It's our lucky that Linux is an opensource system and everybody can moderate it. That have possiblities to even to make my thesis with  it. Mint is getting bit old fashioned. Some media players doesn't work with or it's just too security. It's a small difference to Elementary. Elementary also looks lot of like The OS. I have desiret to have my own MAC, but I can this elementary to look just for me. Elementary was just a "second test os", but I'm going to use mainly in future. I just need to move some setting and files away from Mint.

This is first time in blogging history and yes, I don't have written that before. I just checked my old posts. I bought an old corporate laptop. It's not the prettiest one, but it was cheap with good specs. I'm sure great, great moments are coming with this babe. It's just been one year with me and it's maxim three year old totally. I really suggest to buy old corporate used laptops. It's give you great value for the price and it's save the nature. There laptops have also better quality than the "normal's" from groceries. Second life for an amazing product. It's also quite big business to sell old laptops. It's sad they are wasted so soon from their normal use.

 Linux is also an eco-friendly software. It's not use that much power than Windows. One part of ZeroWasting is community. Our ZW community give ideas and spirit with our journey. Linux is mostly made and updating with a great community.

 -We are not hippies (!?), but don't let money to rule you.-