sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2019


Moi, all! The small moments and meetings with new peoples are the most incredible. I'm really shy speaker with peoples in a real life. I have learn to fear their reactions and I have got too many negative ideas. What if they don't like me, or if I say wrongly. They just don't even remember after this moment and I spent day's and night with my mind. I went to Berlin at last Independence day. It was my best moments of last year. I visited at random pub, and bartender asked "Everything alright" or that cute couple at metro station offered popcorn and lemonade just for some homeless. These are really small sign, but I'm still too tucked with the negative thoughts. This blog have helped me lot and I don't have any problems while of using a dating app. I still need to get out from my box. It's a real, Finnish men don't speak or share an emotion. I can change, and I need to take a step in a new area in my life.

This is myth is living inside of my body and I really need to develop myself. I'm going to have a small journey in Europe at next summer. I'm having time to explore myself and peoples. I only need to get of  the thought. Don't be f*cking negative.

My journey to Europe is also including a visit to Riga again. It's was my first time ever at plane. Like I have thought, I need to meet more locals. I'm growing out from my box part my part. I had an awesome dates with a local guy at Riga. I missed saturday party's. I don't like to be forced to just a one venue, while of dancing trips.

There is nothing of Zero Wasting with traveling around the world and wasting natural resources. It's really complicate to life at a place, which doesn't feel like a home. I'm really tucked between dance and a personal life. Well, last one isn't a problem.

Travelling and best memories. See you at next time!
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