tiistai 6. elokuuta 2019


Moi, all! I'm getting older day by day. I have missed all the ASMR and podcast fewer's. I have been baaad boy at last summer. Well, it's not over yet.... I took some time to travel by last weeks. I love to travel with in Finland normally, but I have been also flying around of Europe. It's also included small transfer by buss too. I'm also planning my next trip. I would like to go travel to Baltic-states with buss without any plans. I'm going to have a wonderful winter first. Let's enjoy of the time first. I also applied to master studies and I didn't got to in. Let's go to topic.

1. STUDY. Train have best opportunities to study or work. There is electricity, free WiFi and even free private places.

2. SET A PIECE. How it sound for you to have a moment with your favorite podcast, rain sounds or some peaceful music. Turn your headphones on and sit down. Don't be afraid of missing your station. Set a alarm or ask your co-travel to bring you back. I know, I can't to do the last one.

3. STRETCH.  I have stretched my body or trained some favorite dance moves at train corridors. Don't worry, Finns looks everybody with a weirdos eye.

Well, how you spend your time at train? Tell me below.

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