sunnuntai 26. huhtikuuta 2020


Moi all!

I have tested dopamine fasting recently.  I wanna to prefer to an article firstly.  You know, I like all the hottest trends from Silicon Valley. It's just arrived to Finland. So, why we shouldn't test it. I failed it, if we think the common opinions. If I wanted a moment for myself, and tried to get away from problematic impulsive behaviors. I kind of did it. It's not just one quick way to get away from toxic impulsive behaviors.  Go to google, to get more facts.

Let's begin the game.

I woke up first time around of 7:10 am. I forgotten my alarm on last night. I slept last night, while of scrolling phone, probably on TikTok. I saw some notifications, but wiped it off. I drank sip of water before I got away from my bed around of 10:42 am. I put my watch to charge and I went to the bathroom.

I saw some dream in last of night. I was driving by car to small town. There is living one of my Ex hookup.  I was slept suddenly last night,  so I forgot to do some meditate practice. I started a challenge, to get better focus to a moment. I saw some message on my phone and I forced myself to turn it off, totally.

11:00 I just meditated. I'm downloading my watch and I'm gonna have a walk.

14:30 I have walked around of city. I had a lot of stuff in my mind begin of the walk. Now, there is nothing. Totally silence.

15:30 Home

19:15 I have done nothing. The most extraordinary is laying on bed. I didn't slept, just awake in silence.

20:31 I just meditated. I can't believe how relaxed my body is in expiration.

- Lot's of ideas about my sexuality.
- What other peoples thinks about me.
- What is natural way to touch another person.
- How I felt my first sex experiences.
- I also had worries about future.
- What I wanna to have.

21:27 I'm trying to sleep

22:30 Phone is back to my hand. So, I think the moment before of falling to sleep is most hardest.

Day after of the challenge

I have listened a lot of songs from t.a.T.U. I'm going to sleep. I need to listen something more positive.

- - -